Next recital

Piano Project and Tempo Rubato present:



Fri 6th Oct, Doors 6.30pm
XO Studios, 10 Lincoln St Brunswick East


Piano lessons in Brunswick for Syrian kids

Piano Project is delighted to be working with Elise Hopkins from the Australian Syrian Charity. We are currently moving two pianos in to their space in Brunswick and will be sponsoring piano lessons for these kids starting next term. Image here is from an article about the fabulous work that Elise has been doing with these kids: "Marching band gives young Syrian refugees a chance to beat a new path forward". The Age, June 26th 2017.

2017-08-27 10.39.43.jpg

Tempo Rubato

Tempo Rubato is Piano Project's new live music venue.  

As the next chapter of Piano Project recitals, Tempo Rubato will open in its own home in Brunswick in 2018. Before then, we have an exciting schedule of pianists (and friends) set to play in roving venues, kicking off in October. As soon as we have all the details confirmed, you'll be able to see the program right here. If you subscribe to our email list, we'll send you out updates. And we we will, of course, post it all on Piano Project's social media. Any moment now, we'll have social media mayhem up and running for Tempo Rubato as well. 

To get a taste of what we're planning, check out the footage from our previous recitals on our Piano Project YouTube channel. 

All profits from Tempo Rubato will go to Piano Project, funding piano lessons for the kids.

For questions or thoughts about Tempo Rubato, if you have a hankering to work in a bar that plays classical music, if you'd like to donate a concert grand piano to us, or if your name is Handsome Steve, please email Georgina Imberger.

Welcome to Joel Carnegie

Piano Project is delighted to welcome the beyond resourceful and erudite Joel Carnegie to our team. Joel is an award-winning producer, a musician and a performer and has already made several radio documentaries about Piano Project. Listen to his latest on Radio National's Life Matters here, made by his company, The Space Company. He has exciting plans for starting a Piano Project programme in the Geelong region and we are are so pleased to have him on the board. 

Term 3 2017

Term 3 is underway and Piano Project has a new mix of junior musicians having lessons at the Western English Language School in Braybrook, at the Collingwood English Language School, at Kensington Community High School, and at Caroline Chisholm College in Braybrook. We are continuing with classes for kids from Foundation House in Sunshine, and we also at the National Music School in Mill Park, the Music Shop in Deer Park and at the Piano Warehouse in Essendon.

We have an new collaboration with the Arts Centre Melbourne and will be organising for all the kids in our programme, and their families, to go and see a live performance of their choice. We are really excited about these plans and very thankful to the Arts Centre Melbourne and the First Call Fund for making it possible.


Term 2 2017

This term, Piano Project will continue its program at the Western English Language School in Braybrook, at the Collingwood English Language School in Collingwood and at the Kensington Community High School. We are also sponsoring lessons for children at the Caroline Chisholm Catholic College in Braybrook, and for children attending Foundation House in Sunshine.  

We are in discussions with the Migrant Information Centre in Box Hill and with the Australian Syrian Charity in Brunswick and hope to have new programs up and running in collaboration with these groups by the end of this year.  


The Princess and the Pea

Piano Project is delighted to be collaborating with Victorian Opera to bring a group of children from the Western English Language School to see their production of The Princess and the Pea. The kids are all new arrivals to Australia and new to English. Many of them come from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds. Nothing makes us happier than the idea of these kids enjoying this danish tale on an opera stage. May their smiles be large and their singing loud.

Mozart Minors

Piano Project took a group of kids from the Refugee Migrant Children Centre to see 3MBS's Mozart Minors today. An exciting journey exploring the life of Mozart through his music, beginning with the child prodigy’s very first composition at only five years of age, the kids learnt about the music of Mozart’s childhood, with performances for piano, string quartet, and clarinet quintet. They even had a chance to conduct – just like Mozart!