We are delighted to report that Tempo Rubato was successful in Pick My Project. Thank you to everyone who helped and voted - brilliant stuff. Stay posted for news re an opening date…

Piano Project is a Melbourne-based charity that sponsors piano lessons for children who are new immigrants and hosts recitals.

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Tempo Rubato is a bar and live music venue in partnership with Piano Project. Opening in Brunswick in early 2019.

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Tempo Rubato is Piano Project's new bar and live music venue. Opening in Breese St Brunswick in early 2019. All profits from Tempo Rubato will go to Piano Project. To hear news about how much we're enjoying demolition, and to stay updated on the mobile opening date, follow us on Tempo Rubato Social Media or sign up to the Piano Project email list. 








"The things I expect from lessons are never the things that arise, and the kids never fail to impress me with their courage in settling into such a different and new culture; their determination to take on all the challenges I throw at them at the piano; and their warmth in letting me into their lives for half an hour a week. 

I'm so proud to work for the Piano Project... It's a counter-cultural, unassuming, quiet and deeply effective piece in the bigger picture that is the collective activism of Australians who do not endorse our harsh refugee policies. It's all the reasons I studied music, support the arts and still work in this field."

Georgina Lewis, Piano Teacher, Collingwood English Language School, June 2018