Tempo Rubato

Tempo Rubato is Piano Project's new live music venue.  

As the next chapter of Piano Project recitals, Tempo Rubato will open in its own home in Brunswick in 2018. Before then, we have an exciting schedule of pianists (and friends) set to play in roving venues, kicking off in October. As soon as we have all the details confirmed, you'll be able to see the program right here. If you subscribe to our email list, we'll send you out updates. And we we will, of course, post it all on Piano Project's social media. Any moment now, we'll have social media mayhem up and running for Tempo Rubato as well. 

To get a taste of what we're planning, check out the footage from our previous recitals on our Piano Project YouTube channel. 

All profits from Tempo Rubato will go to Piano Project, funding piano lessons for the kids.

For questions or thoughts about Tempo Rubato, if you have a hankering to work in a bar that plays classical music, if you'd like to donate a concert grand piano to us, or if your name is Handsome Steve, please email Georgina Imberger.