Tempo Rubato is in Pick My Project - a Victorian funding initiative for community projects. We need votes from you so that we can get the funds we need to get the doors open this November. To vote, you need to be a Victorian resident, register at Pick My Project and include us in your choice of 3 projects. You can search for "Tempo Rubato" or go straight to our profile on the page: Pick My Project. Please let us know if you vote - send us an email at admin@pianoproject.org.au with 'I VOTED' in the subject line. We will be conjuring up an appropriate way to thank you.


Tempo Rubato is Piano Project's new bar and live music venue. 

As the next chapter of Piano Project recitals, Tempo Rubato will open at 34 Breese St Brunswick in November 2018. There are many adventures planned for this space (and some underway as we speak... ). We will continue to hold the Piano Project recitals themselves here, in the same form as before, with board members greeting at the door, the president pouring over-sized glasses of vino,  and a brilliant rollercoaster of live music.

If you subscribe to our email list, we'll send you emails about Piano Project Recitals and monthly updates about Tempo Rubato. We will, of course, also post all this on Tempo Rubato's social media.

To get a taste of what we're planning, check out the footage from our previous recitals on our Piano Project YouTube channel.

All profits from Tempo Rubato will go to Piano Project, funding piano lessons for the kids.

For questions or thoughts about Tempo Rubato, if you have a hankering to work in a bar that plays classical music, if you'd like to donate a concert grand piano to us, or if your name is Handsome Steve, please email Georgina Imberger.