We are delighted to report that Tempo Rubato was successful in Pick My Project. Thank you to everyone who helped and voted - brilliant stuff.

The build is underway. And we are due to open on Sunday 2nd June. The opening concert will be a Piano Project Fundraiser featuring Nicholas Young. Tickets will be on sale mid April and you can get them here.

Tempo Rubato is Piano Project's new live classical music venue at 34 Breese St Brunswick.

As the next chapter of Piano Project recitals, there are many adventures planned for this space. We will continue to hold the Piano Project recitals themselves here, in the same form as before, with board members greeting at the door, the president pouring over-sized glasses of vino,  and a brilliant roller-coaster of live music.

To get a taste of what we're planning, check out the footage from our previous recitals on our Piano Project YouTube channel. You can find out more about the venue itself here.

All profits from Tempo Rubato will go to Piano Project, funding piano lessons for the kids.

You can become a member of Tempo Rubato for $3 a month. As a member, you will get a 10% discount at the bar, a monthly email with our upcoming schedule, and other benefits as we think of them.