Piano Project is a Melbourne-based charity that sponsors piano lessons for children who are new immigrants.

Our program provides access to classical piano in environments where children who are new immigrants can participate. We organise the availability of a piano, tuition and an opportunity to practise. By organising this program, we intend also to extend our own hand of welcome. We want these kids to know that we think our country is a richer and better place for them being here. We hope that by offering them something that we think is a special part of life, we will communicate this welcome.

We have lessons underway at the Western English Language School in Braybrook, at the Collingwood English Language School in Collingwood and at the Kensington Community High School. We are also sponsoring lessons for children at the Caroline Chisholm Catholic College in Braybrook, for children attending Foundation House in Sunshine, at the National Music School in Mill Park, at the Music Shop in Deer Park, and at the Piano Warehouse in Essendon. 

Live classical music is a treasure. By supporting grass roots and opening access and enjoyment, Piano Project aims to support the living experience of classical piano in Melbourne.